At Home Sleep Testing

At Home Sleep Testing for the Physician

Add At Home Sleep Testing to Your Practice

SNAP® offers your patients a convenient and accurate alternative to sleep lab testing. SNAP’s Home Sleep Recorder is consigned at no charge to your practice. You and your patient avoid the scheduling delays, inconvenience, and patient no-shows often associated with sleep labs.

Snap Diagnostics offers a unique service to physicians. Our test results combined with the patented palatal snoring analysis allows us to analyze your patient's snoring. These reports enable you to better select the patients that are most appropriate for snoring procedures, CPAP, or dental devices. SNAP can also assist you in measuring the post procedure reduction in palatal snoring.

Make SNAP part of your practice today:
  • Accurate/Reliable/Fast
  • No capital expense
  • No ongoing costs
  • Patented palatal snoring analysis
  • Type III or Type IV testing (accepted by Medicare as indication for CPAP)


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